*An investment in CapVerde can pay you back , if cared after …for that, you will need a trusted local agency , who can look after your estate.

*For this  reason , we created  our own agency , so as  to be able to provide you with  proper attention and care.

*Our agenda is to  provide you a  “full packet “ service , to avoid unfortunate inconveniences,  burocratic  problems  as well as technical  (from gas and electricity bills  payment to the change of a light bulb ).Our all inclusive  includes most of the interventions  needed for a good maintenance  of your house / apartment .Properly cared after , your estate will keep its value through the years.

*We have been doing business  in the touristic  and real estate  area, from  5 years now .And we are quite willing to help you with our professionality.

Here are the services we offer :

-monthly thorough cleaning of the apartment.

-down payments of property tax ,administration expenses , and insurance .

-regular check -ups on the state of the apartment, and ( previous  agreement ) repairs  and  manutention  done .

-our representative during the administration assembly.

– in /out cash flows duly accounted for  and  statement sent to the owner.