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    Passport and Visa: you need your valid  individual passport and a  tourist  visa entrance.(See more detailed infos at your national Embassy / Consulate  )

    Vaccination : NOT required  and Health precautions.. Please check international  health internet sites before you leave )

    Currency: Escudo is the Cabo Verdian; its change with our currency is fixed and is equivalent to 110.265 per euro.

    Local time – 2 hours from Italy during the time of day; – 3 hours during daylight saving time.

    Climate: tropical  , generally dry,  average temperature is 26 °, the water temperature varies on average from 22 ° to 25 °.

    Language: The official language is Portuguese, and the current one is Creole. French, English and Spanish are still spoken in major cities.

    Religion: the most widespread religion in the archipelago is Roman Catholic.

    Electricity: 220 volts; it is still advisable to bring a universal adapter.

    Air transport:  international airports are  located on the islands of Sal, Boavista and Santiago. Almost all the other islands have airport for domestic flights.

    Gastronomy: the local cuisine offers a variety of exotic dishes strongly influenced by African and Creole cuisine.( rice , beans , fish and seafood  )